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The Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) is one of the most reliable economic indicators available and provides guidance to supply chain management professionals, analysts, economists, government, and business leaders.


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Professional body for the Logistics, Procurement, and Supply Chain
professionals and sectors.

Manufacturing PMI

The official publisher of the monthly Singapore Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) since 1998, which has become a key barometer of the Singapore manufacturing economy.

Skills Development

Providing professionals in the Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain sector with opportunities to upskill, reskill and gain mastery of relevant and emerging skills.

Training Partner

Analysing and understanding organisational goals, identify potential skills gaps and design customised learning programme that meets timelines and budget.

The Monthly
Singapore PMI Bulletin

Get access to Tier 1 monthly Singapore PMI Bulletin, which consists of Data Computation, Research Indicators, Data Analysis, and more.

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PMI Survey Committee

Be a part of the PMI survey committee and make valuable contributions. Join the PMI survey Committee.

SIPMM gathers and compiles data monthly through surveys of supply chain management professionals participating in the business survey committee. The assortment of members on this committee is determined by their respective industry categories and is based on each industry's contribution to Gross Domestic Product.

PMI Releases

Latest PMI release dates and comprehensive overview of the reports.

The PMI reports provide a comprehensive overview of the current economic conditions, as well as trends and forecasts for the future. The PMI is an important tool for businesses, economists, and policy makers as it provides a snapshot of the health of the manufacturing and service sectors, which is crucial for understanding the current economic conditions and making informed decisions.

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Upcoming PMI Release Dates

02 Dec 2023

21:00 SGT

November 2023 Singapore PMI

03 Jan 2024

21:00 SGT

December 2023 Singapore PMI

02 Feb 2024

21:00 SGT

January 2024 Singapore PMI

02 Mar 2024

21:00 SGT

February 2024 Singapore PMI

02 Apr 2024

21:00 SGT

March 2024 Singapore PMI

02 May 2024

21:00 SGT

April 2024 Singapore PMI

03 Jun 2024

21:00 SGT

May 2024 Singapore PMI

02 Jul 2024

21:00 SGT

June 2024 Singapore PMI

02 Aug 2024

21:00 SGT

July 2024 Singapore PMI

02 Sep 2024

21:00 SGT

August 2024 Singapore PMI

02 Oct 2024

21:00 SGT

September 2024 Singapore PMI

02 Nov 2024

21:00 SGT

October 2024 Singapore PMI

02 Dec 2024

21:00 SGT

November 2024 Singapore PMI
Singapore PMI and Electronics Sector PMI 1999 - August 2023
Singapore PMI and Electronics Sector PMI 1999 - August 2023
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